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Combined cold storageProduct Details
Combined cold storage

Combined cold storage refers to the construction mode and operation mode of standardized, modular and industrialized buildings that replace the original cold storage buildings.

The development of agricultural industrialization has accelerated the rapid development of deep processing of agricultural products, fine processing of food and refrigeration. At the same time, the requirements for the tonnage, scale and form of cold storage are becoming higher and higher. With the progress of science and technology and the development of refrigeration industry, a new cold storage mode is adopted in food production, processing and storage. It replaces the construction mode and operation mode of the original cold storage buildings with new architectural concepts, such as standardization, modularization and industrialization. The application scope of combined cold storage is more and more extensive, and the building scale is also larger and larger. At present, it has become the general trend of the development of the world refrigeration industry and has a broad development prospect.

The combined cold storage is mainly composed of enclosure structure, prefabricated sandwich panels, etc. Color steel plate, aluminum plate or stainless steel plate are used on both sides of the sandwich plate, and the middle insulation material is usually hard polyurethane or polystyrene, which is 5% ~ 10% lighter than conventional building materials.

The enclosure structure of cold storage is usually light steel structure. According to the relationship between sandwich panel and maintenance structure, combined cold storage can be divided into outer frame structure type and inner frame without structure type. At present, combined cold storage with outer frame structure type is usually used in China.

1. Library Board

Type of Library Board: rigid polyurethane sandwich board and polystyrene insulation board. At present, the rigid polyurethane sandwich board with the best thermal conductivity is widely used in the world. The inner and outer surfaces of the library board are made of polyester coated color steel plate. The new convex concave slot structure has fast installation and good thermal insulation performance. The library board is formed at one time by the advanced production line imported from Italy, and all the technical indexes of the library board have reached the same international level.

(1) connection mode: ① inlay connection, ② PVC connection, ③ H-shaped aluminum connection, ④ hook connection

(2) performance parameters of polyurethane board

2. Refrigeration process

According to the tonnage of combined cold storage and food process requirements, ammonia system, freon system and ethylene glycol indirect cooling system are adopted. Ammonia system: the refrigerant is ammonia (R717), which takes away heat through ammonia evaporation to ensure the temperature required for food refrigeration. Freon system: the refrigerant is Freon (R22, R134a, R404A), which is mainly used in small combined cold storage with high degree of automation. Ethylene glycol indirect cooling system: fully automatic control is simple and convenient. Through small temperature difference heat exchange of ethylene glycol solution, it can reduce food dry consumption, especially suitable for the storage of fruits and vegetables requiring air conditioning.

3. Refrigeration equipment

Huaqiang company provides screw compressors, piston compressors and semi closed compressors of various brands. Huaqiang provides customers with energy-saving, efficient, high-quality and cost-effective refrigeration equipment.

4. Electrical control

The combined cold storage has manual and automatic control schemes. Full automatic control has reached the international advanced level. Full automatic control can realize automatic operation of refrigeration equipment, automatic load increase and decrease of equipment, cold storage temperature, medium temperature, automatic control, dynamic simulation of equipment operation status, automatic recording and printing of operation parameters, automatic liquid supply, automatic liquid supply, automatic defrosting, automatic fault alarm and analysis, automatic control of condensation pressure, etc. The combined cold storage control can basically achieve unattended.

5. Food technology

It is necessary to understand and master food processing technologies such as food processing, freezing, cooling, storage and preservation, find out the best combination point of refrigeration and food processing technology from the perspective of customers and food, and provide the most appropriate refrigeration scheme.