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Cold storage large cold storageRelief of financial pressure

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Regular oil discharge, descaling and air discharge: when there is a .mm thick oil film in the evaporator coil, in order to maintain the set temperature requirements, the evaporation temperature will decrease by ℃ and the power consumption will increase by more than ; When the scale on the water pipe wall in the condenser reaches mm the condensation temperature will rise by ℃ compared with the original temperature, and the power consumption will increase. When the refrigeration system is mixed with non condensable gas and its partial pressure reaches .mpa the power consumption will increase by about . It can be seen that it is cold

The refrigeration of cold storage pays more and more attention to the needs of environmental protection and energy saving. The professional sales items include: cold storage installation, cold storage installation,Polyurethane spraying warehouse cold storage construction,Cold storage installation worksMain features and performance parameters fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage and other related businesses. Please contact the merchants who hope to have this business. The warehouse has a wide scale of temperature control, the selection, placement and wind speed field description of cooling equipment, which is suitable for the refrigeration needs of many kinds of goods. Equipped with perfect storage temperature active detection,Cold storage installation - cold storage installation - cold storage construction - fruit preservation cold storage medicine cold storage - Anhui Fuyang Xinyuan Refrigeration Technology Engineering Co., Ltd recording and active control equipment.

CiEstablish a perfect computer network to realize the scientization of refrigeration supply chain distribution and traceability. In the European Union, the United States and Japan, all members of the food supply chain have the legal responsibility to implement traceability.



iDisadvantages of multi-layer cold storage: the vertical transportation volume of the warehouse is large, and the goods in and out and operation management are not as convenient as single-layer cold storage; With the development of the floor load capacity, the floor area ratio of each cold room is low; When the multi-storey cold storage is built on the foundation with poor ground resistance, the foundation construction is complex. High cost; When prefabricated components are used,Polyurethane spraying warehouse large construction equipment is required and the construction period is long.

Cold storage large cold storageRelief of financial pressure


If the wholesale equipment of the fresh-keeping storehouse is started again after a long-term suspension, the speed should be reduced at the initial stage of the wholesale opening of the fresh-keeping storehouse. Dont start too fast. Its better to reduce the speed at about - degrees every day. When the temperature drops to degrees, it should be maintained for a period of time. Dont regulate it at will.


Floor insulation of small cold storage the structure of small cold storage is usually called surface, that is,Cold storage installation worksMain features and performance parameters wall and ground are made of color steel plate / stainless steel with appropriate thickness of polyurethane and other insulation materials, because the loading and unloading of small cold storage is often handled manually rather than forklift. Of course, if the height of the warehouse is high and the forklift is required for warehousing, the insulation board is not recommended for ground insulation,Polyurethane spraying warehouse but the ground needs to be insulated separately like the ground insulation sample of medium-sized cold storage.


Relative humidity maintenance of quick-frozen warehouse: humidification of quick-frozen warehouse is very important, from centrifugal humidification to high-pressure micro fog humidification, gas-water mixed humidification, to the current ultrasonic humidifier. The utility model has the advantages of small particles, uniform humidification, and no dirty blocking. The air conditioning humidifier we produce is specially designed for all kinds of vegetable and fruit quick freezing warehouses, which is essentially different from other humidifiers in the market: fully closed circulation, that is, take the gas in the warehouse, return to the warehouse through the humidifier and isolate it from the outside air.

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