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Cold storage design and installationYou can tell at a glance

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The symbol of a refrigerated warehouse.

Step of cold storage design: define the volume of the cold storage warehouse. The size of the cold storage should be based on the design of a large number of agricultural products to be stored for a long time. This volume is calculated based on the essential volume of stored goods accumulated in the cold storage, plus the row to row corridors, the indoor space between the pile and the wall, the ceiling and the gap of the packaging house. After the volume of the cold storage is determined, the length and height width ratio of the cold storage shall be determined. Necessary auxiliary engineering buildings and equipment shall also be considered in the design of cold storage, such as working intermediate,Products Show packaging and combing room,Cold storage construction designIndustry market status special tool warehouse, loading and unloading platform, etc.

JvThe fresh-keeping storehouse is generally composed of maintenance structure and refrigeration equipment. It is mostly cooled by the compressor, and the gasification temperature is very low as the coolant to evaporate under low pressure and mechanical conditions,



fInstall the temporary lighting facilities in the warehouse,Cold storage installation - cold storage installation - cold storage construction - fruit preservation cold storage medicine cold storage - Anhui Fuyang Xinyuan Refrigeration Technology Engineering Co., Ltd install and arrange the construction electrical equipment, and do a good job in rain proof, moisture-proof, the size of the refrigerator or the storage capacity (size the plates shall be handled with care. Rough operation is strictly prohibited. Burrs shall be removed at the cutting opening to prevent scratching the plate surface and workers.


Where do you need to build the refrigerator, storage capacity, ton,Products Show cubic meter, frame, box); What products are stored in the built cold storage? The actual storage temperature, storage time and setting temperature can be indicated by specific regulations; If your cold storage becomes larger,Cold storage construction designIndustry market status you need to master your individual storage volume, the temperature of goods in and out of the warehouse, the frequency of opening and closing the door, etc. If this is clear,Products Show it is the selection of raw materials, such as refrigeration compressors, refrigeration units, industrial cooling fans / pipe slots, thermal insulation materials, coolers doors, temperatures and other refrigeration equipment.

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