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Cold storage factory installationAutomatic sealing performance characteristics

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During the production of cold storage, the cold storage will produce fixed length, width and thickness according to the needs of various cold storage projects. Generally, cm thick cold storage plates are selected for high and medium temperature cold storage. The requirements for cold storage engineering plates of low-temperature storage and quick freezing storage will be higher. It is specialized in selling cold storage installation, installation, construction and fruit preservation cold storage,Cold storage Medical cold storage ensures quality,Cold storage engineering installation designWhat are the production characteristics of service and quality. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome to inquire. In this case, use cm or cm thick library board. When you budget the cold storage project, you can make a reservation according to the specific conditions of your cold storage temperature. If you dont make a reservation for the cold storage plate, you should pay attention to the density of the cold storage plate and the thickness of the steel plate when purchasing the cold storage plate. According to the regulations, the cold storage is foamed

Connect the refrigeration system. Wires and copper pipes shall be used to connect the refrigeration unit,Cold storage installation - cold storage installation - cold storage construction - fruit preservation cold storage medicine cold storage - Anhui Fuyang Xinyuan Refrigeration Technology Engineering Co., Ltd electric control system and other components of the cold storage. The connecting pipes shall be closely connected, and corresponding thermal insulation and protection measures shall be taken.

FbSet the parameters and valve opening in the computer according to the frosting and use of the fresh-keeping warehouse.



aDuring the installation of polystyrene storehouse, the mm gap shall be marked with foaming material to ensure the sealing performance of the warehouse body.

Cold storage factory installationAutomatic sealing performance characteristics


Daily maintenance and management of fruits after Warehousing: timely the temperature and humidity in the cold storage, strictly control the temperature in the cold storage, timely eliminate the bad gas in the cold storage, and adjust the temperature and humidity of the cold storage according to the different requirements of different fruits on the storage environment. If long-term drying will affect the color of the fruit,Cold storage consider using a humidifier to adjust the humidity in the cold storage.


Cold storage design segmentation: several different partitions shall be reasonably planned and divided according to purpose and temperature. For example: processing room, sorting room, quick freezing room, refrigeration room,Cold storage engineering installation designWhat are the production characteristics of channel, unloading platform, etc.


Here we focus on polyurethane. Polyurethane is an ideal cold storage material in the cold storage project. Superior bonding properties make the foam and metal panels form a solid whole, so that no other adhesive materials are needed. When polyurethane is used as a cold storage project,Cold storage rigid polyurethane foam is formed between the panels of the storehouse panel and then solidified and pressed to form a multi shape storeboard, because the metal plate can roll out different waveforms, so that the overall rigidity is stronger and the bearing capacity is higher. Polyurethane filler board can meet the firmness and physical requirements of exterior wall and can be used in various cold storage projects. It is technically feasible and cost-effective. Yuanbao refrigeration believes that polyurethane is one of the new cold storage materials with great development prospects in the future. The thermal insulation materials of cold storage engineering should not only have good thermal insulation performance, but also be economical, applicable and environmental friendly. To ensure the smooth progress of our cold storage project, but also the types of cold storage. The common cold storage plates mainly include the following types, namely stainless steel plate, color zinc steel plate, salted steel plate embossed aluminum plate and mm galvanized standard floor plate.

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