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水果保鲜冷库Product Details
Fruit preservation cold storage

Fruit preservation storehouse is a storage method to inhibit the activities of microorganisms and enzymes and prolong the long-term survival of fruits and vegetables. Cold storage technology is the main way of low-temperature preservation of modern fruits and vegetables. The fresh-keeping temperature range of fruits and vegetables is 0 ℃ ~ 15 ℃. Fresh-keeping storage can not only reduce the incidence of pathogenic bacteria and the decay rate of fruits, but also slow down the respiratory and metabolic process of fruits, so as to prevent decay and prolong the storage period. With the emergence of modern refrigeration machinery, the fresh-keeping technology can be carried out after rapid freezing, which greatly improves the quality of fresh-keeping fruits and vegetables.

The body of small fruit fresh-keeping cold storage is general civil houses and warehouses, with an area of 15-20 square meters. It can store 5-7 tons of fruits and vegetables, with an investment of about 28000 yuan. This kind of fresh-keeping storehouse is to add a certain thickness of thermal insulation layer on the basis of ordinary houses, set up a set of refrigeration system, and heat insulation the door. The cooling fan in the storehouse is of suspension type, which can increase the storage capacity. The refrigeration unit is set outside the storehouse. Due to its small volume, there is no room, and the refrigerator unit works intermittently, so it has low power consumption and is very popular with users. Preservation principle: reduce the temperature (- 1 ℃ - 10.5 ℃) to inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables. The refrigeration system is 18800 yuan and the warehouse body is transformed, and the total investment is no more than 28000 yuan. Micro controlled atmosphere fruit preservation cold storage

Controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping storehouse is an advanced fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping facility at home and abroad. It can not only adjust the temperature and humidity in the warehouse, but also control the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in the warehouse, so that the fruits and vegetables in the warehouse are in a dormant state and still maintain their original quality after leaving the warehouse.

1. Extending the storage period of fruits and vegetables is generally 0.5-1 times longer than that of ordinary cold storage. When they are stored to the most expensive price, they can be sold on the market to obtain the highest profit.

2. It can keep fruits and vegetables fresh and brittle. The water content, vitamin C content, sugar content, acidity, hardness, color and weight of fruits and vegetables after delivery can meet the storage requirements. The fruit is crispy and the vegetables are light green, which is almost the same as the newly picked shape. It can provide high-quality fruits and vegetables to the market.

3. It can inhibit the occurrence of diseases and pests of fruits and vegetables and minimize the weight loss and disease and pest loss of fruits and vegetables.

4. The shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be extended to 21-28 days, while the shelf life of fruits and vegetables in ordinary cold storage can only last for about 7 days. The so-called modified atmosphere preservation is to achieve the effect of preservation through gas regulation. Gas conditioning is to reduce the oxygen concentration in the air from 21% to 3%. 5%, that is, the fresh-keeping warehouse is based on the high-temperature cold storage and a set of controlled atmosphere system, which uses the joint action of temperature and oxygen content control to inhibit the respiratory state of fruits and vegetables after harvest. 15-20 square meters of warehouse room, warehouse storage capacity of 5-7 tons, investment: refrigeration system: 18800 yuan, air conditioning system: 26800 yuan. The above two types of fresh-keeping cold storage are designed for investors who do not have much capital investment.

The fruit fresh-keeping storehouse has the following characteristics:

(1) wide scope of application: suitable for the storage and preservation of various fruits, vegetables, flowers and seedlings in the South and north of China.

(2) long storage period and high economic benefit. For example, after 7 months of grape preservation, 6 months of Apple preservation and 7 months of garlic moss, the quality is as fresh and tender as before, and the total loss is less than 5%. Generally, the price of grapes in the producing area is only 1.5 yuan / kg, while the price can reach 6 yuan / kg before and after the Spring Festival. The cold storage is built at one time, the service life can reach 30 years, and the economic benefit is very remarkable. Investment in the current year is effective in the current year.

(3) simple operation technology and convenient maintenance. The temperature of refrigeration equipment is controlled by microcomputer. It can start and stop automatically without special supervision. The supporting technology is economical and practical.