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Cold storage installation priceDesign advantages of

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Cold storage is fireproof, flame retardant and high resistance. Professional sales of cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage and other special products, old brands,Meat cold storage price advantages and guaranteed quality. Polyurethane is a flame retardant self extinguishing material after adding flame retardant. Its softening point can be above degrees Celsius and will only be decomposed at higher temperatures. In addition,Cold storage installation manufacturerhow much the ash formed on the surface of polyurethane will be in its foam, and this ash will help isolate the foam below. It can effectively prevent the spread of fire. Moreover, polyurethane will not produce harmful gas at high temperature.

According to the size and nature of the cold storage area and in combination with local regulations, the construction form of food cold storage warehouse is to determine the plane layout based on the site, whether it is a single-layer or double-layer warehouse, and the structure is the selection of steel structure or reinforcement solidification. Cold storage capacity, production process, refrigeration, product stacking,Meat cold storage etc. are used to determine the size and location of the cold storage room, so that it can become a whole.

RxAmmonia filling leak test: ammonia filling leak detection can be carried out after system blowdown and pressure leak test. The purpose is to improve the air tightness of the system and lay a good foundation for the work of ammonia filling and thermal insulation materials of the system. After air leakage detection, some obvious leakage points can be found. However, the leakage points blocked by dirt along the tiny sand holes are not easy to be detected. Therefore, ammonia must be filled. In addition to good permeability, ammonia also has odor and is easy to be found, At the same time, phenolphthalein test paper can be used for leak detection because it is rose red in the presence of ammonia.



nIt stops in a short time after operation, the ambient temperature is too high, the compressor is overloaded,Meat cold storage there is a lack of refrigerant, the low pressure is too low the air intake is too large,Cold storage installation manufacturerhow much and the compressor is stuck.

Cold storage installation priceDesign advantages of


The high temperature and high pressure of the compressor of the wholesale condenser of the fresh-keeping warehouse as the heat sink and heat exchanger needs to be dissipated and heat exchanged through the condenser, mainly to condense the refrigerant. The high-pressure temperature can reach Baidu, and the temperature will drop to degrees after condensation.


The construction of small cold storage is widely used in life, such as food industry, manufacturing industry, etc. since cold storage is so widely used, do you know cold storage? Especially the construction process and steps of cold storage. Understanding the construction process and steps of cold storage is helpful for all links of cold storage maintenance.


Stretch perlite: stretch perlite is a kind of granular material with porous layout. The gap in it blocks out the heat. It specializes in the installation of cold storage, installation of cold storage,Cold storage installation - cold storage installation - cold storage construction - fruit preservation cold storage medicine cold storage - Anhui Fuyang Xinyuan Refrigeration Technology Engineering Co., Ltd construction of cold storage, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, strict testing, quality assurance. Preferential activities are in progress. Welcome to consult. It has a good effect of heat insulation and heat preservation. Then, the water vapor in the cold storage is easy to condense, and the water absorption of extensional perlite is particularly strong. If it absorbs a lot of water its nature will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful to select extensional perlite as cold storage.

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