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Frozen preservation of vegetablesHow is it made

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The water tank is designed to be separated from the machine body and is double-layer. It will not drip due to condensation caused by internal and external temperature difference. It can be interlocked with the refrigeration system, that is,Fresh storage installation TelephoneThe overall scale of the project is large it will not be humidified during refrigeration to prevent serious frosting of the fan.

Quick freezing storehouse is widely used. There are many kinds of temperature in quick freezing storehouse,Fruit preservation cold storage and multi temperature or double temperature can be realized to meet the needs of different customers. Fault phenomena: unit current is large and voltage is too low; Loose wiring; The unit pressure exceeds the rated pressure; The oil separation core is blocked; Device failure; Host failure; Main motor fault; Fault phenomenon: the unit cannot be started and the fuse is broken; The temperature switch is broken; Loose wiring; Thermal relay of main motor acts; The thermal relay of cold storage fan motor acts; The transformer is broken; No power input (unit); Failure not eliminated (unit); The actuator is faulty.

GiAs an important support for the development of cold chain performance, the standardized construction of cold storage refrigeration system is very important. It not only helps to rationalize the energy consumption of the cold storage system,Cold storage installation - cold storage installation - cold storage construction - fruit preservation cold storage medicine cold storage - Anhui Fuyang Xinyuan Refrigeration Technology Engineering Co., Ltd but also has an important impact on improving the low-temperature preservation quality of commodities.



uThe floor shall be kept clean and tidy as far as possible. The professional sales cold storage installation and installation cold storage, fruit preservation cold storage and medical cold storage have stable,Fresh storage installation TelephoneThe overall scale of the project is large safe,Fruit preservation cold storage reliable and maintenance free performance. The technical level has reached the domestic level and the advanced level of similar international products. If there is a large amount of ice and water,Fruit preservation cold storage it must be cleaned in time, and it must not be knocked during cleaning to avoid damaging the floor, Affect the service life of cold storage.

Frozen preservation of vegetablesHow is it made


Material requisition for the installation requirements of the assembly fresh-keeping warehouse: according to the engineering design and construction material list the materials shall be sent to the accessories warehouse, and the materials and accessories models shall be carefully checked.


The bacterial action of acid disinfectants is mainly to coagulate the protein in the bacteria. Common disinfectants include lactic acid, bleach formalin, etc. Specifically, after the fish comes out of the freezer, clean the frost layer on the evaporating pipe group and keep the storehouse temperature below degrees Celsius. Then, according to the volume of ~ grams per cubic meter volume of the frozen storeroom, the storeroom door is closed tightly with the sprayer, and the blower is started intermittently, so that the vinegar evaporates and flows in the storehouse, which makes the vinegar absorb a lot of fish smell.


Installation of unit electrical box: the unit electrical box shall be installed near the unit; Vertical installation. If the unit is installed on the top of the warehouse, the distance between the box bottom and the top of the warehouse must be & amp; gt; mm; The electrical box can be fixed on the building wall or on the angle steel frame.

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