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Medical cold storageProduct Details
Medical cold storage

The pharmaceutical cold storage is mainly used to refrigerate and store all kinds of pharmaceutical products that cannot be guaranteed under normal temperature. Under the condition of low temperature refrigeration, the drugs will not deteriorate and become invalid, so as to prolong the shelf life of drugs. The storage temperature is generally - 5 ℃ ~ + 8 ℃. The body of the medical cold storage adopts rigid polyurethane heat insulation sandwich board, which is poured and formed at one time by high-pressure foaming process. The double-sided color steel plate is used for the storage board, and the advanced eccentric hook and slot hook are used. The eccentric connection mode of the storage board realizes the close connection between the storage board and the storage board, with excellent sealing performance, reducing cold air leakage to the greatest extent and enhancing the heat insulation effect. T-shaped plate, wall plate and corner plate combined cold storage can be assembled in any space. Scientific design, simple and practical, energy saving and environmental protection.

Cold storage control system

The refrigeration control system adopts automatic microcomputer electrical control technology, intelligent computer temperature control and high-precision temperature sensor; The temperature in the warehouse is freely set within the range of + 10 ℃ ~ 20 ℃; Automatic temperature constant temperature, automatic switch, no manual operation, digital temperature display, to ensure the safe storage of items in the warehouse.

Characteristics of medical cold storage

1. The cold storage is equipped with a standby refrigeration unit to ensure that the normal storage of drugs, vaccines and related products and equipment in the cold storage will not be affected by the operation of the standby unit when the common unit stops working in case of failure;

2. Imported parts and components, high-quality materials, strict inspection and delivery of machinery and equipment, less faults, low noise, energy saving and reliable operation;

3. The refrigeration control system adopts full-automatic microcomputer electrical control technology to automatically monitor, record and regulate the temperature and humidity in the storage area. It is equipped with temperature and humidity recorder with high-precision sensor and fault alarm device to ensure the normal storage of drugs, vaccines and related equipment in the warehouse.

Cold storage refrigeration equipment: mainly the selection of cold storage compressor and evaporator. Generally, the refrigeration unit adopts imported fully enclosed compressor, which has the characteristics of high energy efficiency ratio, strong refrigeration capacity, low noise, safety and reliability. The condensing radiator is equipped with high-efficiency air condenser and external rotor low-noise motor, which can effectively dissipate heat, maintain the high-pressure pressure at normal value in extreme high-temperature environment, and make the refrigeration unit give full play to efficient refrigeration effect. The evaporator in energy-saving and environment-friendly cold storage adopts high-efficiency DL ceiling cooling fan, with low noise, large refrigeration capacity and automatic frost.