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Frozen preservationAbout areas and operations

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When opening and drilling is required for the top warehouse plate or wall plate, the internal and external setting out and positioning shall be carried out according to the drawing design requirements,Fresh storage installationKeep these five points in mind for routine maintenance and the opening and drilling shall be carried out after review; The inlet hole,Cold storage installation liquid inlet hole, return hole water supply hole and drainage hole shall be opened with a hole opener. Construction treatment shall be carried out in time after opening and drilling,Cold storage installation - cold storage installation - cold storage construction - fruit preservation cold storage medicine cold storage - Anhui Fuyang Xinyuan Refrigeration Technology Engineering Co., Ltd vent and delivery port shall be decorated with wrapped edges and fixed with pull rivets, with a spacing of mm and mm outside.

Fresh storage installationKeep these five points in mind for routine maintenance the water temperature will still drop,Cold storage installation and the humidification amount will be reduced by % at ℃.

MsVibration shall be prevented during the whole operation of the refrigeration unit. In addition to the abrasion of the lifting mechanical equipment,Cold storage installation vibration will continue to cause loosening or cracking of the upper connecting pipe of the generator unit. If abnormal noise is found during the whole operation of the equipment, waterproof and corrosion resistance make it have better air resistance and water vapor resistance, and it can be made into inlaid connection structure during forming which is easy to assemble. It does not need additional insulating layer to prevent moisture and saves a lot of trouble in laying insulating layer.

Frozen preservationAbout areas and operations


In use, the fresh-keeping warehouse must be maintained on time and scientifically. No matter how good the equipment is, without scientific use and maintenance, its service life and effect will be discounted. Therefore, the fresh-keeping warehouse also needs to be maintained regularly every year, so as to ensure its stable operation.


Compression refrigerator is commonly used. It is mainly composed of compressor, condenser, throttle valve and evaporation pipe. The evaporation pipe is installed in the refrigeration warehouse. When the liquid coolant passes through the evaporation pipe, it directly absorbs the heat in the warehouse and cools down.


Energy saving and power saving: the design cost of quick freezing warehouse mentioned above is very low, but it has a great impact on the cost of quick freezing warehouse and later use cost. The electricity bill is often an important expenditure item in the later stage. The design scheme of the show can greatly reduce the power consumption of the quick freezing warehouse. The selection of the back sunny side of the quick freezing warehouse, the selection of the thickness of the thermal insulation board should be appropriate, the tightness of the quick freezing warehouse door, and the temperature difference between the adjacent cold storage rooms should not be too large are all issues that we need to consider. There are also some tips, such as the use of air curtain machine on the quick freezing warehouse door. We remind users to use parallel units in quick freezing warehouse as far as possible and start them reasonably.

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